Hartley “Jag” Jackson is a highly experienced wrestler from the land of down under. Having wrestled in countless arenas across Australia, and having also competed and trained in the United States and Japan, you would be hard-pressed to find a more skilled wrestler.

At 6’1” and 245 lbs, Jackson has professionally wrestled for 16 years. Not always known as “Jag”, Jackson went by the ringname of “The Extreme High Flier” in his early days. Throughout his impressive career, Jackson has won a number of titles, including: the NWA United National Heavyweight Championship; PWSA Hardcore Title; and, the EPW Tag Team Championship.

Testament to his experience, Jackson has wrestled for a variety of federations around the world, including:

Pro Wrestling (NJPW)
New Japan



Southern California

Pro Wrestling


In Australia, Jackson has regularly teamed up with his tag team partner – “Havok”. These appearances rapidly saw him gain standing as an exciting and exhilarating wrestler. So much so that, after only three matches as a pro, the pair won “Australian Match of the Year”. Jackson’s experience also extends to each major wrestling group in Australia, where he featured in the first three Australian Supershows.

Jackson’s overseas career is just as impressive. He travelled to Southern California in 2005 to wrestle against their finest. A very successful time for Jackson, he learnt much and was in contention for the Fergal Devitt’s NWA British Commonwealth Championship. He’s also participated in the New Japan Pro Wrestling scene, where he competed against their top tag team wrestlers. Another successful experience was had and Jackson immediately gained a reputation amongst the New Japan elite.

While in Southern California, Jackson trained at the Inoki Dojo (Santa Monica). It was this experience that saw Jackson fully mature into the powerful machine he is today, developing an attitude of ground and pound. It was this attitude that assisted his victory in the NWA United National Heavyweight Championship in Zero-1, gaining the title.

As trainer at the Pro Wrestling Dojo in Adelaide, Jackson is now sharing his knowledge, wisdom and passion for this sport with others. His professional training approach and methods means that trainees are able to tap into his vast experience and insights of all-things wrestling.

As for the future, Jackson has his sights set on even more titles.